Kyle Davila

Design & Direction


Saving our Future

Client: American Heart Association
Role: Art Director, UI/UX Designer, Strategist

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When you think of how crazy the world can be, it might come as a shock to learn that heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. In response to that, American Heart Association put together My Research Legacy, a program designed to monitor participants in the effort to gain a better understanding of how genetics and everyday life impact heart disease. Their focus was primarily on the program and data collection, AHA wanted our help refining the user experience and creating a dashboard that engages participants, makes contributing data fun and most importantly non-disruptive to life.


Knowing our demographic would skew slightly higher, we focused on creating a dashboard that kept the user oriented at all times. Before working with us, AHA noticed many participants were failing to complete their tasks associated with the study. An audit of their ux revealed a flaw in easily identifying to the user what tasks needed to be completed. We placed emphasis on designing a notification system that made new/urgent tasks more prominent to encourage participants to complete them. The primary goal of the dashboard was to make participating easy.


With a big initative for AHA being engagement in the study, we made the mobile experience 100% task driven. These days, everyone is on the go, with a mobile device in hand. Accessing the dashboard on a mobile device offered less distracting options, allowing participants to get on, contribute and get on with their day within a matter of minutes. Fewer taps means less stress.

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