Kyle Davila

Design & Direction



A Healthy Energy Drink

Healthy Fuel

Bee Fueled is a company creating energy drinks that relies on the natural energy from honey, rather than unnatural additives. The target audience is primarily males 18 - 25, looking for an energy boost during school or work that they won't feel guilty about. My goal was to take this company and brand it out from logo, stationary and shirts, to car wraps and packaging.

Logo Sketches

For this project I did nearly 100 sketches of the name. Some had icons, others had custom type. In the end it helped me mix and match pieces from a couple different sketches.

Bee Fueled logo sketches. Bee Fueled final logo. Bee Fueled business cards. Bee Fueled can packaging. Bee Fueled can packaging. Bee Fueled apparel. Bee Fueled car wrap design.