Kyle Davila

Design & Direction


The Refresh

Client: Harvest Snaps
Role: Art Director

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After analyzing website and purcahsing data, Harvest Snaps saw they were losing touch with their core audience. They approached us to help with refreshing the brand and creating new content aimed at re-engaging their target consumer. We immediately noticed problems with the website user experience. Aside from being off brand with who they were talking to, the site was confusing to navigate. Even if the consumer knew what information they were looking for, it was still hard to find.

Content & Visuals

Our first task was to find a visual tone that matched the brand. A fun, healthy snack, both parents and kids enjoy and something mom's feel safe giving to the family. I forgot to mention we had a limited timeline to launch this refresh. Within a matter of three days and working with an ACD and account executive, we organized a video shoot and two photoshoots. To get the most out of equipment, staff and the cast, the video and photo shoots took place on the same day, at the same time, in the same studio.

In Collaboration with Ale Vidal (Video), Phyllis Lane (Photography) and Eric Cassée (Photography).

The Website

Studying the research we found a majority of users were visiting the website from tablets and mobile devices. Unlike the current site, we needed to ensure the new site was responsive and that important information was never more than a few touches away. With the client onboard, we made a bold move to place the navigation towards the bottom of the mobile screen, this followed best practice for the common one handed use of a mobile device.

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