Kyle Davila

Design & Direction



Roastery & Reserve

New Training

Working with Starbucks before, we helped them enhance the training required for new baristas. After much success, Starbucks approached us again about updating the training for their select Roastery and Reserve stores. We updated the digital design and created some analog materials. The strategy from the first project hinged largely upon the use of game mechanics, so we included those for this training collateral as well.

Introduction Material

On their first day, baristas in the Roastery and Reserve program receive a lot of information. We created an introductory guide as well as a binder to house all of their collateral. Starbucks cares about their employees, to demonstrate this, each binder has a handwritten note welcoming the baristas to the program.

Roastery Barista Training Template

Below you can see the updated design for the digital training, as well as the printed analog portion of the same training.

Special Recognition

Being a Roastery and Reserve barista is a skilled profession, deserving recognition and celebration. Introducing game mechanics we worked with Starbucks to create a system that encourage baristas to learn and strive to be the best. Some of these milestones included, a ticket to an Origin location to see the bean process, and a deck of personalized cards for the barista champion.