Kyle Davila

Design & Direction


The Big Share

Client: Pocky
Role: Art Director & UI/UX designer

Read About This Project

First off, Pocky in Japan is equivalent to Hersheys in the states. Except Pocky has one up on the PA native, its own holiday Pocky Day on 11/11 because it looks like four sticks of Pocky. Fans do everything they can to Share Happiness (and lots of Pocky) on this day, it’s a good excuse to do something nice for friends, family, teachers, pets, your crush, a friendly ghost, complete stranger and even an imaginary best friend. Working with Pocky we dominated the day, creating a microsite geared at sharing 1 of 1,111 total boxes with someone totally anonymous. The microsite also allowed fans to celebrate the holiday by creating a custom Pocky box character, with illustrations from our friend John Holcroft.


When it came to the visuals, we were looking for an illustrator with a style that could set the tone for the holiday. We instantly fell in love with John Holcroft. and his unique, almost cut paper like work.

In-store Poster

Posters were designed to integrate brick and mortar japanese markets throughout the U.S. The posters show four people sharing Pocky, instantly evoking the feeling of and meaning of the holiday.

Pocky Character

With the core of Pocky's audience interested in anime, we thought a great way to leverage this would be the option to create a custom character. We asked John to create a host of assets fans could pick from when creating their characters. For future projects, these assets wcan be expanded on for things like holiday and seasonal items. These characters would be shared on social networks and eventually became some fans profile pictures.

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