Kyle Davila

Design & Direction



Celebrate Pocky Day 11/11.

What is Pocky Day

Pocky Day is Pocky’s official holiday to Share Happiness, and you can be a part of it! Every November 11th (because 11/11 looks like four Pocky sticks), Pocky fans do everything they can to Share Happiness and Pocky! It’s a fun way to do something nice for your friends, family, teacher, pet, crush, friendly ghost, imaginary best friend or even someone you don’t know.


For this campaign we were looking for an illustrator with a fun style that could set the tone for the holiday. We instantly fell in love with John Holcroft and his unique texturing process.

John Holcroft illustration examples.

In-store Poster

In order to keep the campaign integrated, we created in-store posters to be placed in small Japanese markets throughout the United States. The posters visually show four people of varying ethnicities sharing Pocky, implying that each flavor is just as unique as the poeple enjoying them.

Top half of The Big Share poster design. Bottom half of The Big Share poster design.

The Big Share Microsite

To raise awareness and create buzz around the brand and holiday, Pocky gave away 1,111 free boxes. Using the microsite, users could signup and share a box with another fan in the United States. There was also an added bonus of creating a custom Pocky box character.

The Big Share mobile site design screens.


As most of the Pocky fanbase interacts via mobile, we had to ensure the site was responsive and maintained the same fun as the desktop.

The Big Share desktop screenshot of landing page.

Sending A Box

Users have the opportuntiy to send 1,111 boxes to a complete stranger. After the boxes are all gone, only the create a character is available.

The Big Share desktop screenshot of sending a box page.

Pocky Character

Our core audience is obsessed wtih anime. We thought as a way to leverage this obsession, we could gear a portion of the website towards creating a character. These can be shared on social networks and would also become profile pictures of the more die-hard fans.

The Big Share desktop screenshot of building a character. Example design of The Big Share character.

Character Assets

We asked John to create a host of assets for the audience to pick from when creating their characters. In the future, these assets will be expanded for holiday / seasonal items.

Custom created assets for the Pocky box character build